Monday, May 29, 2006


Arriving in hawaii after a pretty big night in kings cross, my liver only got more angry at me. for a 5 day period i did nothing but sight see, drink, lay in the sun, drink, swim and generally have an awasome time. after bumping into a super cool chic, maggie from calafornia i was convinced to head to north shore which was supposed to be a releif from the glitz of waikiki beach. there i bummped into another bunch of really cool people. the photoes are mostly from north shore. NOTE- some of the photos are blurred, but thats ok...its how i remember the night


Friday, May 12, 2006


G'day everybody,
Just letting everyone know the idea of this blog is to not only let all my mates back home know whats going on, but to show everyone back in aus that its not so hard to live your dream and to encourage them to do the same.

this is my dream....

Adrian Kiernan