Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Skippy Films Update

Check out the Skippy Films Webpage. You can even listen to the music that will be on the DVD via an online music player.

“Australian bands and artists have really got behind the project and we have an amazing soundtrack that really rocks.” ColinThe three Australian mates have signed up 11 Australian bands/artists covering a large spectrum including Rock, Hip Hop, Funk, Roots, Punk, Indie, Reggae and Electronic.

“The bands are from all over Australia. We hand picked them and they all really wanted to get on board.” Jez
“One of the bands, ‘Blue King Brown’ is quite big in Australia. We were quite surprised at the response we got from all these bands.” Adrian

Music will have a heavy influence on the kayaking film by the crew of three from Australia calling themselves ‘Skippy Films’. Their feature ‘Downunder the Horizonline’ will be available in Spring 2008 via The Heliconia Press.

Skippy Films also has teamed up with long time film distributor The Heliconia Press. The three Australian budding film makers have exploded onto the film scene after taking their cameras all over the world throughout the past year.

“We were going to these places anyway, and thought that maybe we should take a camera as well” Colin Furmston

The trio are furiously editing, getting their film ready to be released in 2008.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Skippy films is proud to annouce their new website featuring updates from their current project and new film;

Spring '08

"Skippy films" represents 3 kayakers and collective contributions from many others to bring you one imensly funny and visually entertaining glimpse at kayaking upside down.

"Downunder The Horizonline", follows 3 australian kayakers on their trails around the globe, cameras in hand, while working and hucking themselves overseas. Proving there is a way to live your dream without a dream bank account!

Its a film about grabbing a boat and getting out there,
The rivers of the world are waiting to be paddled.
  • A film by, Adrian Kiernan, Colin Furmston and Jez.
  • All Australian soundtrack
  • On location: Canada, Usa, Korea, Norway, Australia and Uganda
  • Most comprehensive Australian kayaking film ever made
Skippy films is proudly supported by
CUMEC magazine and Loungekayaker

Thanks to: Entropy gear, Kayak4play and FLUID KAYAKS for continuing support of this unique australian project

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Summer Fun

so with my laptop being my new best fried, and the australian drought strengthening due to climate change. I got a rare oppertunity to huck my meat of a local drop / seal launch. good to be back in a creek boat!

pic is of Adam Cooper and Adrian Kiernan
By Maggie Crocker

Monday, November 05, 2007

Fluid Nemesis - Skookumchuck Video

Hay guys.
got a sweet little flic together of my sexy new boat on skooks, pretty fast n bouncy id say!
go check one out at your local dealer.


Adrian Kiernan

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Skippy Films Trailer

So im proud to let you all know that after 2 weeks work, skippy films has its first teaser. It has been a big job ploughing through the first 70-odd hours of raw footage but i think you will agree, we have some good stuff....check it out

Film Includes:

Colin Firmston- Norway

Adrian Kiernan- Canada (inc. buseater worlds)

Jez- USA and korea

Skippy films will be the first international kayaking film to include a large section totally devoted to the sick boating in australia from hobart to darwin. A must see for every curious boater...

The film is yet to set a realease date but is sure to be available early '08.

Early expressions of interest in the film can contact jez@ his jacksonkayak.com email address

Come on guys, get behind this, and get behind yourself...go boating

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kelsey Thompson

...Just in
I have just received Kelsey thompson's contribution to the film in the mail yesterday, Wow some serious creeking and sick playboating footage.

Hold tigh for some epic footage coming your way this spring.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Skippy Films

just letting all the fans know that the page is soon to be bombarded with skippy films updates as the project progresses into the final stages. You can also check it out @ www.entropygear.com/dvd.htm

Skippy Films:
Its not about how big you go,
but who you go with,
and where you go, that makes a trip awsome.

This is a film created by 3 mates who all traveled to different points on the globe to bring back their boating expiriences to fire you up and get of your arse to do your own mission.

Incase you ever wondered what australian boating is like, this is the film to check out. With footage from all the tasmanian extreme races and australian CLASSIC runs.

Just to wet your appetite!


go on everybody, get off your arse and pick up your boat...life is too short for X-box!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


howdy how guys!
just letting you know the the lea extreme race is on again in my home state of tasmania, Australia
This has to be one of tasmania's premier creeks and a world class festival by any standards. Although not always huge volume of competitors make the trip down to tasmania, the calliber of competition is deffinatly world class.
The lea is a class 4 creek set to tasmania's north which runs on a regular basis.. rain dependant. it contains many drop's including a 3 meters drop with a very solid lead-in called "Screaming plastic surgen" whish is usually the highlight of any race real's carnage!

check it out

make sure you make the trip down south once before you die...tit' would SUCK to miss it!


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Skookumchuck Narrows, Egmont BC

Backstabin a small skooks
Panam skooks
Misty Flip
Back pan am
Boat - Fluid Nemasis

Sunday, September 02, 2007

British Columbia - A taste

Missions in BC

Stay tuned heaps more soon!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Clear Water River Festival

hay guys!
got some pics of of the recent clearwater river festival. was a blast and a big shout out must go to the organiser ben earl for a wikid event....thanks bro.
also a big shout out to fluid for havin some kick arse fast boats!!!
Festival check in
Ben and myself waiting for the wave....NOTICE...smaller que's than worlds!!
Pistol Flip
smoking the finalsthe fluid PIMP-ARSE ride!!
(no Gas-Guzzling motor home....jk!)

results as follows:
womens freestyle: kim ward (fluid)
womens DR: Kim ward ("")

mens freestyle: Ben earl ("")
mens DR: Adrian ("")

nice one team!

You guys HAVE to get up that way for next season...the river is AWSOME!!!

huckin in whistler...

So, we just got to days off work. So me and jimmy thought we would take the lady's shopping in whistler.....
Jimmy huckin
walkin in, choo-choooooo
and launch...ak
wavewheel.. ak

thanks for the pics ladies!!!

mags and sheree

Friday, June 22, 2007

Norrish creek...working for the man...

welcome back! sorry to have been out of order so long. computer motherboards seem to be very temporary things!!!

well after about 6 weeks back at work paying the bills, i teamed up with kim ward from gravity distribution (fluids BC dealer) for a mission down the norrish creek. The norrish is a clean grade 4 creek situited just outside abbortsford. pictures are worth 1000 words so ill leave you with a million words. there are also some pics of upper silver hope at high spring runoff. the lower appears to have changed due to a landslide so there is a first decent to be done on 4 linked drops.- watch this space...

Kim Ward dropping the slide on the Norrish
riding the nose...
The Crew
Silver hope PUMPING with water (note...this is a normally bony drop!)
Lining up the ledge and ramp into the george...silver hope
from left. Kim ward....james thorpe (wedged) and ben earl in the back of kiwi jimmy's van
Norish creek 'crux'
Portage 1 of 2

peace out

Monday, June 04, 2007

day off!

so, the chilliwack is now pumping with spring run-off and we are portaging clients around the big rapid tamahi. Its the best time of the rafting season but it has been very busy. i finally got a full day off to kick around the cabin at cultus lake. russel and i finally pulled out the old windsurfer and put it together.
i think pink suits me!
peace out: Adrian

Thursday, May 17, 2007

back to work.... :-(

well after the worlds im back working at HYAK river rafting in BC. it good to have money again
...its nice...i like

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Freestyle Kayaking Worlds- Wrap up

Australian Team Final Placings:
11 Anthony Yap
53 Russ Boza
54 Sean Boz
61 Adrian Kiernan
65 Lachie Carracher
2 Tanya Foux
24 Sandy Diciero
8th Liam Corr
10th James Rowlinson
28 Bryce Gibson
Congratulations to the winners of their devisions!
1st Ruth Gorden
1st Eric Jackson
1st Even Garcia (jr)
1st Emily Jackson (jr)
1st Dan Burke (c1)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Anthony yap (Adrian Kiernan)
Tanya Foux (Adrian Kiernan)

1st Dane Jackson (USA)
4th Liam (AUS)
9th James (AUS)
1st Ruth Gorden
2nd Tanya Foux
Open Mens
1st Nick troutman
11th Anthony Yap
(unfortunatly yappa had a very unluckey few rides and is now drinking beer!)
Pics By Maggie Crocker

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Day 1 Open Mens on Bussy!

Well official procedings kicked of today with all the open mens competitors and OC1 getting their first rides done. You were allowed 1 practice ride and then 4 competition rides. The highest two rides are scored. For many competitors their training ride was their 5th ever time on bussy (for 5-paddlers it was their first ever time!). For most of the North-Americans however, it became what a halfpipe is to skiiers, a huge bowl and ramp with the ability to launch massive air. The punishment for failing however was the beating of your life. All the aussie paddlers put up a good showing but Anthony yap however taking the day throwing a MASSIVE kay-y and panam's left and right to put him in the top 5 with 132.67 The winning ride however was that of Nick Troutman with a huge 185.00
Lachie waiting in the eddy for his first ride....
Sean Boz getting the critical right blunt on a green bussy
anthony yap doing somthing big and cool..... (he is pretty much arial & inverted in every photo!)
Lachie Looking into the bussy bowl
Pulling the best shuv-it you have EVER seen...lol
Photo's by Maggie Crocker

World Freestyle Kayaking Opening Ceremony.

Beginning to assemble before marching into the opening ceremony

Aussie and Cunuck Team Chants...getting fired up! A drink or 40 after the opening ceremony!

Trying to sleep with the head judge...Emily Wall (GBR)!