Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Day 1 Open Mens on Bussy!

Well official procedings kicked of today with all the open mens competitors and OC1 getting their first rides done. You were allowed 1 practice ride and then 4 competition rides. The highest two rides are scored. For many competitors their training ride was their 5th ever time on bussy (for 5-paddlers it was their first ever time!). For most of the North-Americans however, it became what a halfpipe is to skiiers, a huge bowl and ramp with the ability to launch massive air. The punishment for failing however was the beating of your life. All the aussie paddlers put up a good showing but Anthony yap however taking the day throwing a MASSIVE kay-y and panam's left and right to put him in the top 5 with 132.67 The winning ride however was that of Nick Troutman with a huge 185.00
Lachie waiting in the eddy for his first ride....
Sean Boz getting the critical right blunt on a green bussy
anthony yap doing somthing big and cool..... (he is pretty much arial & inverted in every photo!)
Lachie Looking into the bussy bowl
Pulling the best shuv-it you have EVER
Photo's by Maggie Crocker

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