Thursday, December 11, 2008

Welcome to our: JAUNT

With footage coming in from all corners of the globe, production is now in full swing for our 2009 release dates. The emphasis of the new film is on production quality and is starting to show....
WE NEED MORE SPONSORS! (drop us an email and ill post you out a pack)
welcome to JAUNT......

Final cover art work still to come. Thanks Darrel Leniuk for the sick cover shot!
Let me know what you think guys... i'd love some feedback

Friday, December 05, 2008

Norway- Just a taste

Colin Furmston, a fellow fluid kayaks team paddler and close mate, has just rolled around my house after a successful season paddling in norway, one of the best paddling destination our water cover planet has to offer. He brings in his hot little hands 2 solitary High Definition DV-Tapes. From this i am expected to make an entire norway section, shouldnt be to hard with the caliber of his footage. Just a couple of nice pics i thought i would post and finally a screenshot that i thought might get you interested!
Keep posted on the 2009 Releasing production - watch this spot.