Monday, December 28, 2009

A safety reminder -

hay guys, some great footage here filmed by sean boz of a trip he was involved in on norrish creek in BC canada. Its a pretty basic run but claims some good beat downs.

this vid contains a pretty serious scenario, one that nobody wants to deal with.
watch it, dont judge them, just watch it and run through in your head what you would do.
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Monday, October 19, 2009

JAUNT - Press release

As many of you are now aware skippy films new project JAUNT (due for DVD release in 2009) had become the newest causalty of the current economic crisis, ie. we ran out of money and being a tight year for our sponsors also, we were forced to delay the release date till that of the north american spring season (May 2010)

The project is all but completed and the extra time made available has only enhanced the project with months more footage being added before the final mastering early 2010.

We would like to shout out a HUGE thank you to our sponsors for getting it of the ground once again.
Fluid Kayaks , TEVA & Kayak4play

Putting together a film is and expensive and longwinded task, we hope the delay has not dampened you enthusiasm and support.

For anybody wishing to hold a premier at their local club, school or other event. we ask you to make contact with your intended screening dates (after feb  2010) and we will get you sorted.

LAST CHANCE!! so with the project wrapping up fast, we ask anybody with good quality footage, who is interested in seeing their faces on the new film to make contact.

well thats about all. Stay tuned
cheers beers and happy boating!

Adrian Kiernan

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SOTA Trade show Canberra AUSTRALIA.

Despite the current economic climate this years 2009 SOTA (Snow & Outdoor Trade Association) Trade show was great for all involved.
This year as last, I represented kayak4play as the importer of fluid kayaks in Australia. Despite falling numbers in attendance, the buyers were there for business. The Fluid kayaks range growing in interest from last year, as many an interested buyer would haggle me over the features of the product and price, all walking away impressed at what the 2009 range had to offer. Leigh manning the K4P Booth also had a great deal of interest in the Astral, Immersion Research, H2o Paddle and Heliconia Press range of products. Picking up some exciting new dealers for the Australian consumers.

Despite all the business talk and negotiations, when it came close to the end of the day, everybody was only interested in one thing…free beer…
It Just so happens that the Fluid solo Expedition fits 3 cases of beer in the back + Ice (not that I would know…) Drawing a very dedicated crowed including the editors of CUMEC and outer edge magazine, paddle sports Australia and many more keen to be part of the action…

Don’t listen to a word I say about the products, Go to your local dealer and jump in and give it a go…. You will be glad you did…

Adrian Kiernan
Fluid Kayaks International Elite

Monday, March 30, 2009

*NEW - JAUNT Pre-Trailer*

Skippy films and Go Boating Australia's new creation, the super-sized kayaking film JAUNT, is almost apon us. - Catch a rare glimpse into the athletes lives and the epic locations they visit as we follow them on a "jaunt" around the globe.

Music by the one and only Bliss N Eso - Field Of Dreams

A film By: Adrian Kiernan
(producer of: "Downunder the Horizonline")
*Filmed on location: Canada, USA, Australia, Laos, Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, Norway and New Zealand

Proudly Supported By: FLUID KAYAKS and KAYAK 4 PLAY

JAUNT Pre-trailer w Bliss n Eso from Adrian Kiernan on Vimeo.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

2008 Clearwater Kayak Festival Results

The 2008 festival was a great hit with paddlers from all across North America, Australia, and Great Britain joining in on the action packed weekend. The festival featured a Down River Race through the middle canyon of the Clearwater River and a rodeo on “Little Pink” not to mention one of the best festival after parties .... PERIOD!
The Down River results are as follows:

Open - Clearwater DR
Adrian Kiernam,(AUS) Tasmania- 1st
Bryn Thomas, (CAN)Clearwater - 2nd
Richard Clark, (GBR) - 3rd

Open -  Women
Linda Johanson, (CAN) Nelson - 1st
Allison Cano, (CAN) Calgary - 2nd
Crystal Rogers, (CAN) Clearwater - 3rd

Novice Men
Derek O'Dette, (CAN)Clearwater - 1st

With the lower water levels of august, clearwater's famed pink mountain was not at its optimal level, instead being held on one of the clearwater thousand of other small wave/hole play features.  You wouldn’t have noticed the difference between features as competitors still threw down some huge moves.
Freestyle Results follow: 

Rodeo Men
Adrian Kiernan, (AUS)Tasmania - 1st
Bryn Thomas, (CAN) Clearwater - 2nd
Dan Heyworth (GBR) - 3rd

Novice Class
Liam Dhillon and Kelly Williamson - shared 1st

The festival is going into its third year and was started by the late Ben Earle. He would be happy to see everyone out on the river, throwing ends, and having a damn good time. See ya in 2009 for the third annual Clearwater Kayak Festival. It'll be huge!

Mat Kasunich