Monday, August 20, 2007

Clear Water River Festival

hay guys!
got some pics of of the recent clearwater river festival. was a blast and a big shout out must go to the organiser ben earl for a wikid event....thanks bro.
also a big shout out to fluid for havin some kick arse fast boats!!!
Festival check in
Ben and myself waiting for the wave....NOTICE...smaller que's than worlds!!
Pistol Flip
smoking the finalsthe fluid PIMP-ARSE ride!!
(no Gas-Guzzling motor home....jk!)

results as follows:
womens freestyle: kim ward (fluid)
womens DR: Kim ward ("")

mens freestyle: Ben earl ("")
mens DR: Adrian ("")

nice one team!

You guys HAVE to get up that way for next season...the river is AWSOME!!!

huckin in whistler...

So, we just got to days off work. So me and jimmy thought we would take the lady's shopping in whistler.....
Jimmy huckin
walkin in, choo-choooooo
and launch...ak
wavewheel.. ak

thanks for the pics ladies!!!

mags and sheree