Monday, February 26, 2007

Australian Team Selection- Philip Island

So after escaping penrith and driving over 2500km both ways, im home writing about the good surf and an wasome week boating with the boys..and girls and havin a damn good time.
The surf gods were good to us for selection and everybody at selections were throwing down somthing HUGE, it was great to watch. Firstly to announce the Australian Team to reprisent at the freestyle worlds on Bus Eater- Canada

Anthony Yap
Seaun Boz
Russel Boza
Lachie ???
Adrian kiernan

Tanya Foux
Sandy DiCiero

Liam Corr
James ???

Congratulations EVERYBODY and i look forward to a month of hard boating and drinking...yeah ha.

The team was anounced by MR Eletric Water himself, Russel, at the Lounge kayaker Film Festival on the saturday night. There were some amazing quality enteries, one of note "kayak combat" by erin raynor and Seaun Boz winning the peoples choice award. I was lucky enough to walk home with 1st Place for my entry "Paddleporn.avi" ...lucky dip

Monday, February 12, 2007

Escape From Alcatraz

What else is there to do in penrith when the pumps are off ?? and with rain in the catchment of the Napean River, colin ryan and i missioned of to make the most of the rain and get on the first river in a long time. For Ryan it was the first river since the Zambezi some 6months ago.

The Boys

Rain Rain Rain.....
Colin boofing, Napean Canyon
Ryan Ready to launch

It was really hard to leave Penrith White-water for a whole day, but like nicotine, it just didnt feel right with out the bibs.....


Burning away time on home turf

After the recent cateract extreme race in tasmania, Jezz, Entropy gears leading man draged colin and i of to go and find somthing to huck of before he headed back to the bone-dry mainland. Couple of nice shots here,
Jezz slip-sliding down the ramp
Colin Heading for the lower deck

Jezz, Arm Falls, Tasmania

you can check out a video of jezz's trip on the entropy gear website

Peace out - Adrian

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Penrith White water Stadium

PENRI'FFFFFFF!Practicing those back loops!

Wow, I never thought i would say this, but am i ever glad to be back at penrith! This past 10 months have been a blur of kayaking, partying and adventures. unfortunatly though, this has left me extremely bankrupt and now im back working for the man again, paying off my debts...untill next season.
Adrian blunting on Mainwave
Deep Frier, (attempting) Backwards Pan-am

Im not going to tell you that im glad to be back at Penri'ffs "Awsome" playwaves, especially after the likes of Nile Special and Skookumchuck, but i am glad to be back talking smack with the boys, boating with colin, sandy, jezz and the wavemonkey crew and enjoying just being back on the scene and on the water. Soal-boating at its best...even at Penri'ff.
Clean Blunt
Shi-lix (shit - helix)


get off your arse

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Cateract Extreme Race

TASMANIA - Australia

It appears to be common knowledge that Australia, with the exception of a small amount of water in queensland, is a boaters nightmere, with very little water all year round. this is true, but i think most boaters need to pull out their maps of the world and pay a little attention to the small island down to the south eas. Tasmania, the place where i was born, learnt to kayak and still return to for awsome whitewater between working seasons. yes, it is part of australia and yes it has both whitewater and gradient to boot. although it is still rainfall dependant during winter offers a host of classy creeks and fun intermadiate paddling.

2 years ago, the cateract extreme race was born, in addition to Tasmania's Lea River Extreme Race. Support for the race was withdrawn last year due to lack of support from 'Hydro', Tasmania's governing water body. This year, it returned with a bang, doubling the number of competitors from the last event to a whopping 68 paddlers, with in excess of 3,000 spectators lining the banks for the head to head race on day 2.
Colin threading the needle

The race kicked of with a time trial racing alongside your partner. The winners of that were best placed in the head to head heats to make the final on day 2. My partner, Colin Furmston, and i, raced relitively unscathed for 5th place besides both being "toasted" in the toaster.
Trying un-succesfully to chase down Ben Maynard

The party that night was a typical paddlers piss-up, besides the bouncers, dj and swiming pool. It came with your usual nudie runs, excessive beer consuption and free-style move description break dancing! Colin and i redeaming ourselves slightly being the final people to cross the finish line that night (and also last to arrive at the paddlers breif the next morning!) My trusty solo being a huge hit with the masses in saving the beer brought from home, from the clutches of the evil bouncers, commited to making us buy drinks at the outdoor bar...and take over the world. Apparently our trusty bouncers are not trained for 10 kayakers running into the lake with a kayak full of beer, simply to continue drinking whilst floating. huh...who would have thought?!?!

Adrian lining a hole, slalom rapid sprints

Cateract gorge is a popular run located only 5 mins from the city center in Tasmania's northern capital of Launceston. The South Esk river boasts some amazing class 4- 5ish standard kayaking and during high water Tasmania's best big water run. (hotly debated)
Colin Frumston running the shit, Cateract Gorge @ 17,000cfs

Day 2 saw a huge crowd gather on the walkways carved into the cliff high on rive
r left. Tasmania's very own Dan Hall taking the honours for second year running, with Ben Maynard taking a close second place, spured on im sure, by the thousands of fellow Tasmanians yelling support from the walkway. Who ever heard of that many spectators for a non-olympic event?

check out some tassie boating at
Keen to come and get beaten by the local hero's at the Lea River Extreme Race next year?
check out: say g'day to leigh for me!