Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Penrith White water Stadium

PENRI'FFFFFFF!Practicing those back loops!

Wow, I never thought i would say this, but am i ever glad to be back at penrith! This past 10 months have been a blur of kayaking, partying and adventures. unfortunatly though, this has left me extremely bankrupt and now im back working for the man again, paying off my debts...untill next season.
Adrian blunting on Mainwave
Deep Frier, (attempting) Backwards Pan-am

Im not going to tell you that im glad to be back at Penri'ffs "Awsome" playwaves, especially after the likes of Nile Special and Skookumchuck, but i am glad to be back talking smack with the boys, boating with colin, sandy, jezz and the wavemonkey crew and enjoying just being back on the scene and on the water. Soal-boating at its best...even at Penri'ff.
Clean Blunt
Shi-lix (shit - helix)


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