Friday, November 16, 2012

Going to the Grand Prix in Chile!

"The most terrifying and thrilling place i have ever been on earth. Fulfilling a lifelong dream, standing there in front of that beast of a rapid known as the Hole that Ate Chicago, nearing the exit but with the biggest rapid V-drive still to come of the 70km box canyon that is the Grand Canyon of the Stikine"

Those of you who know me personally, know how much an invitation into the top 25 selected for an event like the Whitewater Grand Prix this year in Chile means to me. Its not just recognition, or the opportunity to represent my country at the most progressive and prestigious event in my sport. Its the opportunity to gather with the very best minds and athletes in our sport,  continue to learn and progress as a paddler and person and as you know try and make some bad ass videos along the way.

Here is my video entry, one of the requirements for selection at the event.

I feel somewhat hesitant in asking for your assistance in helping me fund this trip, as it seems a very self indulgent thing ask for help to do. Especially after the most amazing year of kayaking in my life, paddling in Canada, USA, Norway, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia with some many great new friends. Also fulfilling my lifelong dream of paddling the everest of rivers, the Grand Canyon of the Stikine. I should now be hard at work at home here in Tasmania, Australia, Attempting to pay of a bumpers seasons of debts and save money for next years adventures. The invite could not have come at a worse time financially, only weeks away from christmas, to what is one of the most expensive destinations flying from Australia, on top of losing some of the best paid work of the year.

So instead i pitch it you like this:
A couple of years ago i created White Box Magazine (,producing regular video web episodes, showcasing some exotic locations and some inspiring lines from some of the worlds best kayakers i have been lucky enough to paddle with, in the hopes that maybe it would inspire at least a few of you to go pack your bags, go out, and follow your dreams. Or get youngsters in the sport excited about the possibilities should they stick with it, growing our kayaking community, Just as i had been inspired by watching films as a kid. Its stayed %100 free and screenings have helped raise funds for countless clubs and events the world over. So if you choose to donate you will be doing two things, Firstly, showing some appreciation for what i have been sharing with you all, and secondly, helping me not only make some sick Chile episodes, but help out of a hole for the coming spring, which would inevitable keep me flipping burgers or some such, and not making films.

Why not chase funding from the paddling industry?
Firstly if you think there are more than a handful of paddlers even covering their costs of living the river gyps lifestyle you are very much mistaken. Most like myself self fund all our own trips through normal jobs, all are greatly appreciative of even the smallest discount on their gear. We are not rockstars and coming from Australia i can tell you i feel like the jamaican bobsled team sometimes when attempting to find support else where. Lets face it 99.999% of us paddlers squander away every penny we make to support our habit. It would not sit well with me to be one of the .001%, its not the reason i kayak, if it was, i would have to take a long hard look at myself. However, having never made a profit from paddling or producing films, i have sunken every cent into not only travel, gear and food, but the camera gear i use to make the videos you enjoy
Thank you in advance for any support you may choose to give me, and know that if you don't, i will still love you all.

Those of you who don't have any idea of what event i'm even talking about can view short feature shot at the 2011 event in Quebec, Canada.