Friday, June 22, 2007

Norrish creek...working for the man...

welcome back! sorry to have been out of order so long. computer motherboards seem to be very temporary things!!!

well after about 6 weeks back at work paying the bills, i teamed up with kim ward from gravity distribution (fluids BC dealer) for a mission down the norrish creek. The norrish is a clean grade 4 creek situited just outside abbortsford. pictures are worth 1000 words so ill leave you with a million words. there are also some pics of upper silver hope at high spring runoff. the lower appears to have changed due to a landslide so there is a first decent to be done on 4 linked drops.- watch this space...

Kim Ward dropping the slide on the Norrish
riding the nose...
The Crew
Silver hope PUMPING with water (note...this is a normally bony drop!)
Lining up the ledge and ramp into the george...silver hope
from left. Kim ward....james thorpe (wedged) and ben earl in the back of kiwi jimmy's van
Norish creek 'crux'
Portage 1 of 2

peace out

Monday, June 04, 2007

day off!

so, the chilliwack is now pumping with spring run-off and we are portaging clients around the big rapid tamahi. Its the best time of the rafting season but it has been very busy. i finally got a full day off to kick around the cabin at cultus lake. russel and i finally pulled out the old windsurfer and put it together.
i think pink suits me!
peace out: Adrian