Saturday, October 27, 2007

Skippy Films Trailer

So im proud to let you all know that after 2 weeks work, skippy films has its first teaser. It has been a big job ploughing through the first 70-odd hours of raw footage but i think you will agree, we have some good stuff....check it out

Film Includes:

Colin Firmston- Norway

Adrian Kiernan- Canada (inc. buseater worlds)

Jez- USA and korea

Skippy films will be the first international kayaking film to include a large section totally devoted to the sick boating in australia from hobart to darwin. A must see for every curious boater...

The film is yet to set a realease date but is sure to be available early '08.

Early expressions of interest in the film can contact jez@ his email address

Come on guys, get behind this, and get behind yourself...go boating

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kelsey Thompson

...Just in
I have just received Kelsey thompson's contribution to the film in the mail yesterday, Wow some serious creeking and sick playboating footage.

Hold tigh for some epic footage coming your way this spring.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Skippy Films

just letting all the fans know that the page is soon to be bombarded with skippy films updates as the project progresses into the final stages. You can also check it out @

Skippy Films:
Its not about how big you go,
but who you go with,
and where you go, that makes a trip awsome.

This is a film created by 3 mates who all traveled to different points on the globe to bring back their boating expiriences to fire you up and get of your arse to do your own mission.

Incase you ever wondered what australian boating is like, this is the film to check out. With footage from all the tasmanian extreme races and australian CLASSIC runs.

Just to wet your appetite!


go on everybody, get off your arse and pick up your is too short for X-box!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


howdy how guys!
just letting you know the the lea extreme race is on again in my home state of tasmania, Australia
This has to be one of tasmania's premier creeks and a world class festival by any standards. Although not always huge volume of competitors make the trip down to tasmania, the calliber of competition is deffinatly world class.
The lea is a class 4 creek set to tasmania's north which runs on a regular basis.. rain dependant. it contains many drop's including a 3 meters drop with a very solid lead-in called "Screaming plastic surgen" whish is usually the highlight of any race real's carnage!

check it out

make sure you make the trip down south once before you die...tit' would SUCK to miss it!