Friday, October 19, 2007

Skippy Films

just letting all the fans know that the page is soon to be bombarded with skippy films updates as the project progresses into the final stages. You can also check it out @

Skippy Films:
Its not about how big you go,
but who you go with,
and where you go, that makes a trip awsome.

This is a film created by 3 mates who all traveled to different points on the globe to bring back their boating expiriences to fire you up and get of your arse to do your own mission.

Incase you ever wondered what australian boating is like, this is the film to check out. With footage from all the tasmanian extreme races and australian CLASSIC runs.

Just to wet your appetite!


go on everybody, get off your arse and pick up your is too short for X-box!

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