Monday, March 30, 2009

*NEW - JAUNT Pre-Trailer*

Skippy films and Go Boating Australia's new creation, the super-sized kayaking film JAUNT, is almost apon us. - Catch a rare glimpse into the athletes lives and the epic locations they visit as we follow them on a "jaunt" around the globe.

Music by the one and only Bliss N Eso - Field Of Dreams

A film By: Adrian Kiernan
(producer of: "Downunder the Horizonline")
*Filmed on location: Canada, USA, Australia, Laos, Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, Norway and New Zealand

Proudly Supported By: FLUID KAYAKS and KAYAK 4 PLAY

JAUNT Pre-trailer w Bliss n Eso from Adrian Kiernan on Vimeo.


Ben said...

G'day Adrian, Awesome trailer. That cover page has gotta be one of my all time fav kayaking pics. Good Shit ... god some HD B side footage for your next project if you want it. B

Adam Dickenson said...

Progression... !!!