Monday, October 19, 2009

JAUNT - Press release

As many of you are now aware skippy films new project JAUNT (due for DVD release in 2009) had become the newest causalty of the current economic crisis, ie. we ran out of money and being a tight year for our sponsors also, we were forced to delay the release date till that of the north american spring season (May 2010)

The project is all but completed and the extra time made available has only enhanced the project with months more footage being added before the final mastering early 2010.

We would like to shout out a HUGE thank you to our sponsors for getting it of the ground once again.
Fluid Kayaks , TEVA & Kayak4play

Putting together a film is and expensive and longwinded task, we hope the delay has not dampened you enthusiasm and support.

For anybody wishing to hold a premier at their local club, school or other event. we ask you to make contact with your intended screening dates (after feb  2010) and we will get you sorted.

LAST CHANCE!! so with the project wrapping up fast, we ask anybody with good quality footage, who is interested in seeing their faces on the new film to make contact.

well thats about all. Stay tuned
cheers beers and happy boating!

Adrian Kiernan

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