Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bus Eater Training Pics!

Tanya Foax...Laying it down for the other ladies.
Team Entropy Gear, Jon Best...small pan-am (all moves must be landed totally flat)
Kelsey Thompson...pam-srew (if you land on your edge...you die)

Bus eater is in...and its HUGE! The air up for grabs is crazy. with 3ft available just from falling of the crest of the wave...and the beat-down...oh the beat-down! Its really quite hard to use and for most of the competitors it is the first time they have surfed the wave. This provided for some quite entertaining training runs with all competitors getting 3 or 4 rides before competition tomorrow. That meant that with no idea of where the sweet spot on the wave is, you would fly down the face, pop the biggest move possible and hope you landed near the wave! many people simply landing back near the tow-line or in my case, in the pit...before being swollowed by the seam between mini and big bus.
Adrian Kiernan
I made it up at 5am today to get a morning surf in on an extremely low leval bussy (big hole!). Arriving in the eddy there were over 20boaters there to meet me. I missed the rope once and through maybe 4-moves before being swollowed by a angry bussy surge on my second ride...ouch. It was now 7:45 and official training started @ 8. There were now over 35boaters in the eddy....and 20 on the bank waiting for their training slot!!!
Anthony Yap
Liam is a rubbish boater......
Pics By Maggie Crocker

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