Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Skippy Films Update

Check out the Skippy Films Webpage. You can even listen to the music that will be on the DVD via an online music player.

“Australian bands and artists have really got behind the project and we have an amazing soundtrack that really rocks.” ColinThe three Australian mates have signed up 11 Australian bands/artists covering a large spectrum including Rock, Hip Hop, Funk, Roots, Punk, Indie, Reggae and Electronic.

“The bands are from all over Australia. We hand picked them and they all really wanted to get on board.” Jez
“One of the bands, ‘Blue King Brown’ is quite big in Australia. We were quite surprised at the response we got from all these bands.” Adrian

Music will have a heavy influence on the kayaking film by the crew of three from Australia calling themselves ‘Skippy Films’. Their feature ‘Downunder the Horizonline’ will be available in Spring 2008 via The Heliconia Press.

Skippy Films also has teamed up with long time film distributor The Heliconia Press. The three Australian budding film makers have exploded onto the film scene after taking their cameras all over the world throughout the past year.

“We were going to these places anyway, and thought that maybe we should take a camera as well” Colin Furmston

The trio are furiously editing, getting their film ready to be released in 2008.

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