Monday, January 01, 2007

Lakka Bru = Sweet as bro

After bumping into a couple of really good South African dudes at christmas festivities on the lemon, my time here in uganda is rapidly approaching its end. After pretty much the best introduction to kayaking from both steve fisher and myself, the two SA could possibly get (learning to roll in the eddy next to nile special) i have convinced them to head home and buy themselves a "REAL" boat and support their south afican home-boys. As i fly out of Entebbe for Johanasburg, Alysha will make here way back over the border into Kenya with our new souid aufrican bru's to work the remainder or her break in an orphanage. maybe some people on this planet will give back what they take....but after learning to kayak i dont know that i could EVER give back anything nearly as good as boating!!! Sad as hell to say good bye on New travels

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