Tuesday, May 27, 2008

SOTA Trade Show - Kayak4play & Fluid kayaks

After my Breif visit to sydney for the Australian Freestyle Nationals i jumped on a plane and headed south to meet up with leigh (K4P) to help out on the both at the annual SOTA trade show.
There was HUGE amount of interest in the fluid kayaks range (http://www.fluidkayaks.com/) especially the "element", fluids new surf boat. It should be a huge hit over here in Australia with shops lining up to be part of the "user-friendly" surf kayak revolution!

The New Element surf kayak with the distinct "sexy lady k4p logo

As always the Immersion research, H2O paddle and Astral PFD Range, created strong interest. Their new product ranges bringing paddle comfort together with the normal bomb-proof quality products and affordable pricing which has kept them favorites for years now.

Leigh keeping a "Eye" on potential beer theivery...or comtemplating his own...

The Australian importer Leigh Wighton from kayak4play in Tasmanian was there to help out with technical advice on products and pricing while i was busy chatting up a storm at the fluid tent, However this was after spending the first morning trying to unlock the boats from his roof rack after screwing up a borrowed combination lock.....stupid.

...So much for "helping"....

Cheers BEERS and happy boating in the EXPD Solo

Adrian Kiernan

Fluid kayak and Kayak4play Athlete

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