Tuesday, May 15, 2012

WHITE BOX - Europe Update - Hinterrhein Special

Touching down in Europe this spring we were lucky enough to hit amongst some other sweet runs, Switzerland's Ultra-Sick, Hinterrhein as the first run of our 2012 season. From what we can gather from the locals this run has not flowed for somewhere between 15-20 years.
A kayaking road trip with the boys through Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and France!

Many thanks to all those who provided, shelter, food and hangovers (you know who you are!)

Adrian Kiernan

Speak Of The Devil - Hermitude
Project 46 Featuring Andrew Allan - Reasons (origional)

Camera: Go Pro and Canon DSLR

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Anonymous said...

Adrian. Wow - impressed! 60 minutes AU did a piece on Rafa Ortiz. He attempted Talouse Falls in DC but ejected on impact! He didn't break the record just because he wasn't in his kayak. Devastating!!!! The piece reminded me of you do thought I'd google you! This video is amazing! Anyways keep safe and have an awsome time in Europe GI Joe! L8rs. Loriza (last Franklin River trip).