Monday, June 26, 2006

welcome to canada

hay everybody, as work has been keeping me busy i have not been blogging regularly. here are some choice photo's of recent weeks. hope everybody back home is planning there own trips!!!

Englishman river falls. setting up my camera to capture my own carnage looping an air head... chihalis river

photo is of marie-pier (quebec) alishia (office girl) and redolpho (MAN WHORE chilliean man!) Party mode in "Plush nightclub", downtown vancouver
local scenery while scouting big silver creek. had some sweet drops and a waterfall. tim swam out the bottom of the waterfall while burt the pom ate shit on a 5++ rapid taking a large chunk of carbon out of his helmet. i have been pretty scared lately after almost facing some close calls in a log jam and eating shit of a 35footer. (baught some elbow guards today and have a Full face helmet on the shelf at FNA waiting for me when i get back to sillywack)
silver hope creek @ high spring runoff
puntledge slides on vancouver island...biggest was well over 100ft and on a 45 deg incline. super fun and pretty dam easy. just no room for errors. was paddling with cory bucks and some other local boys who are amazing paddlers. we started the run with 8 paddlers, only 4 finished. broken nose, dislocated shoulder...shitty stuff like that

cheers beers and happy boating- adrian

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