Monday, September 11, 2006

Calafornia does chilliwack

California returns.
Ok, so after keeping in contact with my cool Californian chick from Hawaii. I got a visit from her and her friend for a week. I borrowed a car from one of my mates at HYAK. And picked them up from the airport. we spent the rest of the day floating about Stanley park before we all headed back to Chilliwack as I had to work the next day. As it always is at HYAK the Saturday was controlled chaos. I safety kayaked for the second trip, Maggie and Jamie helped out with lunches and made friends with the ‘locals’ (It Turns out not all Canadians live in igloos) that night we went out drinking and the local pub, unfortunately Jamie, being too young to drink in Canada was restricted entry to the local club. Instead we all trooped up to Caltus Lake and continued festivities there. That night I’m sure will remain in my memories for a long time, and not because of anything I did (incase you were wondering). Over the next 2 days we drove up to whistler and had a look around, my first chance to see Canada outside of HYAK working areas. Watched ‘pirates of the Caribbean’ ate sushi, drunk cider and admired the scenery. Despite being a JAFA (just another fucking Aussie) in this town, I can understand why Aussies are drawn to it. Much fun had and much alcohol drunk…… after whistler we headed home to give Paul’s car back and bummed a lift back into Vancouver for the remainder of their stay. Jamie hooked up with an Aussie guy who had spent time living down near Geavston in Tassie. Thanks again to the BEAVER bar in Samsun hostel, entertainment for the evening was blurred to say the least.
Very sad to see them go especially as I am now back in Chilliwack drinking coffee at Tim Horton’s facing another days work tomorrow.
Peace out.

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