Monday, September 11, 2006


Just letting everybody know, i have been working alongside some close friends at HYAK to get a river race organised for our new Not-for-profit organisation 'free flowing rivers'. it will be the opening event in an ongoing fundrasing effort to raise money for an 11month road trip from canada down as far as chile in south america to make a documentry on some of the major rivers that are under threat from Hydro eletrical dam proposals. For example the futulafu in chile.
We have been offered some high powered sponsorships already and are looking for all the help we can get to make our dream a reality. If you know somebody who might be able to help us out for this international event, in the awesome land of OZ let me know.

visit the website

its only new, but there will be HEAPS added to it in the very near future

peace out

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shab said...

sounds (and looks) completly awesome; a fantastic idea, with a road trip to die for, ya bastard!
um, site dosen't say how much entry is, i assume it costs $$$?
oh and try editing your blog comments so that 'anyone' can comment, then it won't look like i'm your only friend =]
jealous, inspired.