Friday, September 22, 2006

Chilko River- Williams lake, BC

"Getting the chance to work on the chilko is something that every guide would die for", Randy one of the owners of HYAK told me when he presented me with the idea of letting me work as the safety kayaker for his trips later that season.

I must say i was stoked to be going, but i really had no idea about the river at all untill i joined the first of 4, 6day expedition trip on the morning of camp 2 just outside of chilko lake. From there i got my first tast of 1st class chilko fun entering bidwell canyon and the whitemile around midday with some huge standing waves and pushy big water fun. I can not really express the nature of the river to anybody reading through my words but being given the oppertunity to work this river has definatly been the rafting highlight of my BC Trip and an almost spiritual event being beside such an amazing river for nearly 1 whole month with such awsome dudes as 'Buzz' lightyear, Dylan and Normond. thanks for such awsome trips. it was my pleasure working with you.....despite the!


shab said...

really, REALLY nice tie. :]

Tegs said...

hey there my sexy manbag long time no hear! looks like you are having plently of fun though cant wait to see all the video footage of carnage!
paddled alum cliffs section of mersey so awesome, and north esk even better!
cant wait to give you big hug tea bag! ( hope you and miss california had fun!)