Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Innercity Strife- NY, USA

So with a poor water leval on the ottawa and busy eddy line-ups. So with Kelsey Thompson, Jon Best and "Pringle".we made our way down to a premium leval innercity strife wave. On arrival, there were only 2 other paddlers there and they both moved on shortly after we arrived. we had definatly picked the best playspot in north america that day and to eddy trafic! we were joined by Dustin Urban who put his own north-american spin to the wave.

Unloading Boats

Pringle donkey flip

Kelsey cleaning in up

Adrian back blunt

Jon about to huck a flat pan-am

Pics by Maggie Crocker

Awsome vid...great song....great dancing....its got it all!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Adrian you gumby. Glad to see you can do a blunt. I predict you will most likely finish last at the worlds. Not a hint of sarcasm either.
p.s learn to spell check