Thursday, April 12, 2007

World Freestyle Championships - 12.4.07

Bored @ Vancouver Airport

The boys checkin' out Bussy

So laim and i flew into ottawa late last night. stayed at a hostle. Erin was kind enough to pick us up and along with lachie we drove up to Wilderness Tours to check in for the 2007 WORLDS! Quickly dropping their kit, lachie, liam and james grabbed boats and trudged through the snow to the river. Liam and james meeting their freestyle hero's Patrick Camblin and Rush Sturges at bus Eater...unfortunatly the level is still to low due to it still friggin SNOWING! Im sure a couple of days rain or sun will bring the river up enough. It is currently 10.5 ish. anyways...ill get on the river when my boat arrives and the sun is out and the water is warm....well...dreaming!

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