Tuesday, April 03, 2007

World Freestyle Kayaking Championships - Taiwan

Ok, so im now very very bankrupt, and flying to canada, and have no work for a month and bit...why?
Because its the friggin worlds... thats why!...live life...

well im now in Taiwan getting ready to head to vancouver for a week of paddling at skookumchuck and creeking, then its off to the ottawa river for the worlds on the scariest wave i have seen...bus eater & gladiator! I cant wait!

I ordered a soup yesterday for dinner...determined that i was going to try authetic Taiwanise food, i walked into the only resteraunt that had no english on the menus. ordered by number a dish which had a very short title...i figured that a short name ment that is was plain and simple!
-Not to be -
when it arrived at my table the waiter gave me a "your not going to actually eat that are you!" look and proceded to stab the live octapus with a short fat metal knife. now dead...he left me to eat it. the flavor of the soup was great...kind of like miso and hot....but the now recently dead octapus just couldnt seem appealing! There were also rosted grasshoppers on a plate next to it (they are not to bad...tried them in uganda...salty)

Anyways, looking forward to getting some great footage to share with everybody back home!

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