Monday, April 30, 2007


Epic footage coming soon!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

***Fluid Nemisis*** Its here!

So, Fluids new project the nemisis has just come fresh out of the mold with the first two production boats being tested today. They have definatly come out trumps with this one! The boat has an un-natural hull speed for its length, Heaps of Pop and sweet carving rails. looking foward to using it on bussy no end. Seth Chapell, Celliers Kruger and Myslef headed up the river today to get some shots of boat No. 1 & 2

Dont take my word for it, some of north-america's top paddlers have been saying that its the best boat on the market today....sweet
Wikid shots as always by Maggie Crocker!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Innercity Strife- NY, USA

So with a poor water leval on the ottawa and busy eddy line-ups. So with Kelsey Thompson, Jon Best and "Pringle".we made our way down to a premium leval innercity strife wave. On arrival, there were only 2 other paddlers there and they both moved on shortly after we arrived. we had definatly picked the best playspot in north america that day and to eddy trafic! we were joined by Dustin Urban who put his own north-american spin to the wave.

Unloading Boats

Pringle donkey flip

Kelsey cleaning in up

Adrian back blunt

Jon about to huck a flat pan-am

Pics by Maggie Crocker

Awsome vid...great song....great dancing....its got it all!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Waikiki Wave - Bus Eater-Hole, Ottawa River

Photo's By Maggie Crocker

Petawawa River waves - Ontario

Jon and Emily
Pringle making use of his "special" parking spot
Warming to the nemisis and its pop! sweet!
The towl was quickley replaced by BB guns....and i have welts to prove it!

With mini-bus promised to be less than 24hours away, we have been playing our way through beer and cards with some occasional paddling. some great lifestyle shots of the whole crew....drunken video coming to a cinema near you soon. Includes exclusive video of Jon Best, James Bebbington and Kelsey Thompson drunk or vomiting....dont miss it!
Go on get of your arse and go on your own mission!
Photo's by Maggie Crocker


Dreaming of warm water and consistant water levals, maybe peno aint so bad....maybe it is....

Picture and editing by ben @ wavmonkey

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Still Waiting for Bussy

well, we hear Bussy should be in by this weekend...yay
Got a new boat today..It's the final prototype of the new Fluid "Nemasis" It paddles sweet, so the production boat should be great!
Pics By Maggie Crocker.

Adrian showing of the hull of the new Nemisis while blunting

Tanya Foux
Nick Troutman clean blunting
Peace Out...Adrian

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

...Still waiting for the Bus

So after kicking back the last few days we spent a proper session down the middle channel, taking our time to surf on all the waves on the way down. They are unfortunatly at that in-between leval and there is nothing big and bouncy on the river to train on. But there is always the bar in the evenings! Aparently bussy does not come in till 14ft and higher. The level is @ 9.5ft but we hear they are trying to fill the reserve upstream of us so as to try and garantee water for the event. Hopefully it ill be full in a couple of days time.
Peace out

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Day 3 - Waiting for the BEAST

G'day everyone,
well not much happend today. Just waiting and hoping for sun and snowmelt. The boys got on the river today and paddled down the Main channel from Bus Eater down. Nothing of note...

I opted out of the on-water missions to meet a bloke about a house. Thanks very much Bryan who has surplied some of the fluid boys with a warm house (did i mention it was warm?)

anyways -am having a ball breaker tomorrow with any luck. lots of boating...i wonder if my fingers will fall of?? huh...will see...

Peace out.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Freestyle Wolds first SWIMMA !

So...young liam is sure to get the "other" prize for swimming on the first day on the river.
He would love to say that it was getting worked in a MASSIVE hole, but...actually...he swam in the eddy, falling into the rope and pumping his deck. losing all his gear and a french blokes paddle for good!!!

1st prize "fool" award goes to


you tool

World Freestyle Championships - 12.4.07

Bored @ Vancouver Airport

The boys checkin' out Bussy

So laim and i flew into ottawa late last night. stayed at a hostle. Erin was kind enough to pick us up and along with lachie we drove up to Wilderness Tours to check in for the 2007 WORLDS! Quickly dropping their kit, lachie, liam and james grabbed boats and trudged through the snow to the river. Liam and james meeting their freestyle hero's Patrick Camblin and Rush Sturges at bus Eater...unfortunatly the level is still to low due to it still friggin SNOWING! Im sure a couple of days rain or sun will bring the river up enough. It is currently 10.5 ish. anyways...ill get on the river when my boat arrives and the sun is out and the water is warm....well...dreaming!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fear Canyon - Lynn Vally Falls, BC Canada

So, Liam Corr, one of the australian junior Freestyle paddlers also heading over to the worlds, joined me for what was to be a week boating in BC before flying to Ottawa. After some complications at the airport, he arrived 3 days late. cutting our boating time in half...sad... but atleast we got all the bad sh*#t out of the way at the start of the trip! With a large time limitation, we drove liam directly from the airport to a nice BC Classic creek run, Fear Canyon on the upper Elaho. Not a bad way to start a trip!! After a pretty solid swim, he finished the run unscathed and in good spirits...not many pics of the run (fingers too cold to push buttons on cameras!!) we then spent the next 2 days snowboarding in whistler and scouting out a few falls for next time before returning to vancouver for our flight...BC i will be back!!!
C'mon...balls... i need big balls....grrr (Adrian Kiernan)
Does it look any better from up there?, looks f*#% horrible from down here!!

Liam scouting out Lynn Vally Falls

Friday, April 06, 2007

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sponsors for the world championships!

A BIG shout out to my sponsors for this trip!:Celliers Krugar- The owner of Fluid Kayaks and a bloody good bloke!

Leigh Whiting- Australias very own Kayak 4 Play man and dealer of Astral, Immersion Research and H20 paddles

Jerermy "jez" Blanchard- Entropy Gear's owner and designer.

Geoff Batton- From Adventures Unlimited, my travel agent who saves me lots of money and can look after you too!!


Paddleporn.avi was announced the winner of the Lounge kayaker White-water short film Festival.

Produced by, Adrian Kiernan
Additional footage by, Anton Immler (cant find your email bro...write me!)
Location, BC-Canada, Uganda and Tasmania

Check it out

Pringle's Vid from Uganda

James 'Pringle' Bebbington :-)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

World Freestyle Kayaking Championships - Taiwan

Ok, so im now very very bankrupt, and flying to canada, and have no work for a month and bit...why?
Because its the friggin worlds... thats why! life...

well im now in Taiwan getting ready to head to vancouver for a week of paddling at skookumchuck and creeking, then its off to the ottawa river for the worlds on the scariest wave i have seen...bus eater & gladiator! I cant wait!

I ordered a soup yesterday for dinner...determined that i was going to try authetic Taiwanise food, i walked into the only resteraunt that had no english on the menus. ordered by number a dish which had a very short title...i figured that a short name ment that is was plain and simple!
-Not to be -
when it arrived at my table the waiter gave me a "your not going to actually eat that are you!" look and proceded to stab the live octapus with a short fat metal knife. now dead...he left me to eat it. the flavor of the soup was great...kind of like miso and hot....but the now recently dead octapus just couldnt seem appealing! There were also rosted grasshoppers on a plate next to it (they are not to bad...tried them in uganda...salty)

Anyways, looking forward to getting some great footage to share with everybody back home!